January 20, 2020

Microsoft Band 2 Review

I was worried it was going to make the screen less responsive and be in the way but I honestly can’t tell it’s there.

(it fell at least 5 times i my hand with a bad crash but nothing happened to my phone).

Megan Morrone reviews the Microsoft Band 2 fitness tracker on Before You Buy 200. For the full episode, go to -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please …

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12 thoughts on “Microsoft Band 2 Review

  1. I believe, that Apple Watch and Band2 are in completely different category. No reason to compare these. Band 2 is probably most feature full fitness band and should be reviewed as such…

  2. I suggest that you learn your product before you review it. You make no mention of the incorporation of Google maps which show and record your path when walking, running, and biking with the breakdown of speeds. The golfing tile is made by Taylor Made and not only can you download the golf course you are playing on and get yardages but it can also counts your strokes and then your entire round is automatically uploaded and you can see your steps, heart rate, longest drive, or distances the
    ball landed on every hole, on a diagram of that hole. Eventually it will be able to track which club was used. Also you can easily change which 13 tiles appear on your watch from the ones you have stored. All of your activities are stored online and can be compared, all of this free and included in the price of the fitness tracker. Lastly, Leo, if you would like a real review, just contact me.

  3. She was a terrible choice for this review. The more she compared it to only the Apple Watch the more useless this review became.

    Please delete this video and have someone that actually reviews for multiple platforms replace this review.

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