January 21, 2020

iPhone XR or iPhone SE Best 2019 Budget iPhone


Looks and feels great.

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33 thoughts on “iPhone XR or iPhone SE Best 2019 Budget iPhone

  1. The SE took way better low light pictures, in all 3 that were taken here, the only time the XR won in low lighting is when the XR and the SE recorded the video of the sidewalk in low lighting

  2. I’m about to upgrade from an SE to the XR, but do you guys think that iPhones take really bad pictures? Even the iPhones from now, they just barely make a difference compared to the SE or 6S which came out years ago

  3. I just upgraded from an SE to an XR. The ONLY reason I did is because I needed a larger screen for my work. Still keeping my SE as a backup phone. SE works great, even on IOS 12, but I am not a person that takes video or photos much.

  4. THANK YOU so much, this has so helped incredibly! ….debabting at this hour between which of these two exact phones to get …(if still possible), since this morning sadly, my 5s met its match with my kitchen floor and a nine-year old :(… AND believe or not, FIRST time ever- it has cracked and not having had ANY serious update issues with this original (!)5S bought years ago- w/ a sweet custome made protective cover and as a chef (why I LOVE & PREFER the smaller size), even the handful of freak-out- times I happeneed to drop or get it wet…. IT HAS BEEN A GR8 Phone… R.I.P. Mel’s 5s… (Im almost as shattered as its screen). …I am just not one to buy in the hype, per sé- or that I need to. However, being forced to now… I am SURE it will be a welcomed (yet relectant lol) huge upgrade regardless! Anyway, THANK YOU!

  5. Apple sold out of the space grey so I purchased the rose gold and the silver which I am picking up tomorrow from the Apple store. I’m not sure which 1 I should keep and return. I know color doesn’t necessarily have to do with gender but it’s a tough decision. What do you think? What looks better and classier?

  6. The iPhone SE is an excellent phone I had one for 8 months that I purchased for $139 off eBay for a government free phone Carrier but I’m used to the larger screen like the one on my iPhone 8 the screen was coming off a lil and the body was scuffed up so I sold it for $80 on letgo and purchased the iPhone 6s for $180 I wanted the XR but it was like $400 on letgo

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