January 20, 2020

Haptic Touch vs 3D Touch – Is iPhone XR missing out?

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The iPhone XR lacks 3D Touch but gets Haptic Touch instead. Is it really all that bad? What can 3D Touch do that Haptic Touch can’t? Watch for everything you …

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28 thoughts on “Haptic Touch vs 3D Touch – Is iPhone XR missing out?

  1. Lol
    I have the 6s plus and never ever used 3D touch. Nor my dad did as this was his phone in the first. I never saw point to. Maybe my apps never needed them or were too complex.

  2. I just upgraded from my 6 (got on 12/25/15) to my new XS (got on 12/25/19) and I can’t believe I had missed out on 3D Touch for the past 4 years!

    Because I never got to experience that capacitive home button, I’m assuming that the 3D Touch when turning on the flashlight is like the home button click of the 7 & 8. Anyways for the past 5 mins I went into the notifications center and have been repeatedly turning the flashlight on and off because it’s oddly satisfying 😫

  3. The only positive of removing 3D Touch was that my mums iPhone 7 Plus now functions properly. After it was replaced the 3D Touch didn’t work and she couldn’t use the phone very well. So at least it will fix some issues for people.

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