January 20, 2020

AirPods 2: How to make them (really) useful

It gives the phone a firm grip in your hand which I like as the iPhone 7 is a slippery little thing when its naked without a case.

Attractive yet functional, excellent value.

This video will show you how to make the AirPods 2 useful. Here are some tips and tricks for your shiny brand new AirPods 2. Including fast charging, mapping …

character airpod case by Nike Style Candy Color Leather Protective Shockproof Case For Apple Airpods 1 2

29 thoughts on “AirPods 2: How to make them (really) useful

  1. I just got my airpods and I already scratched them a lot.. Do you know if I would be able to return them within the 14 days and act like I don’t want them and then buy the same ones but a new clean pair after I get the money back??

  2. My airpods battery is not showing me the correct percentage, its not accurate. i tried resetting it but after i used it and turn it off, it goes back to random percentage. can somebody help me? thankyou

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